Finally going public or nah…

Hi there! So I just spent the last 40-55mins trying to retrieve my password for this blog. Yes,I have had one all this years but never actually 

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felt it was something meant for the public. I actually have my reasons. One is that I haven’t really found a particular subject which the blog would be about. Also, whenever I felt the need to resume writing, I haven’t been able to provide an answer to the question: Will it inspire and cause people to read on? Maybe..just maybe as time goes on, you may or may not agree with me on my decision. All the same, I hope to actually put out good stuff, even as it’s a kind of personal blog. But hey, the tagline did state the motive behind the blog. So relax yourself.

Welcome here!

Published by: Freshay

Biochemist by formal training| Online Freelancer| oh cliché.. just an unusual Naija babe who enjoys putting her thoughts down. I also love having deep conversations (even with myself) :D. The perfect meal combo is Rice, fish, beans with plantain.

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