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​Hello again! 

So as part of my resolution to read books more, I just got a fab offer to download over 263 books (fiction and non-fiction) from the free E-book site I subscribed to only few months back. This offer is for a limited time and I was able to get the books at $9…yes, just $9. How cool is that?  I’m currently overwhelmed by the tons of books waiting in line. I like that I am beginning to find things to keep busy with. It’s actually more like going back to doing the things I really used to love doing. I used to be a really huge fan of reading books (amongst other habits) and I like to think my dad noticed which made him to get me a book by Chimamanda Adichie, the prolific writer’s Purple Hibiscus. Or maybe, he admired her abilities (a pharmacist by formal training and writer by talent; and a great one at that) and thought: hmmm..My daughter can be like this too. Or maybe he just did because I was (and still am, by the way) good at reading. You see, I used to be the narrator as a kid. My dad would get a newspaper and asked me to read it out loud for everyone to listen. 

My English teacher, during literature class back in secondary school, used to do that too. I was really good at reading and I think my classmates agreed with that because even when our teacher would ask another student to read a book for the class, the whole class would murmur and ask that I read it instead. (Lol…no, I’m not feeling like a star na). I did enjoy reading. I still do. I would read like I was in the book, paying close attention to the different characters and would somewhat have these imaginations in my head and really try to put myself in their shoes so as to convey their words and in the best possible tones, according to how they were feeling. So, I guess I did bring the books to life for my readers because I think I successfully turned it into a movie at the end of the day, and not just a book.
 A lot changed after I entered the university. Not that I read less; I guess I just channeled all of my reading into my course of study. They say it takes 66 days to develop a habit. What about losing a habit? Over the years, I have learnt that reading is a habit we all should really develop. There are so many benefits of reading that I cannot even begin to list out now. If not for any other reason, you should know that reading has been shown to help in brain development. In addition, recent studies have shown that the types of books, articles etc you read actually matters in the whole ‘brain development’ talk, non-readers can start by reading just about anything first (I guess) to get the habit ‘rolling’. “Make reading a good book a part of what you do. If you’re the busiest person on earth, just give yourself 15 minutes a day.” 

Read wide too;don’t just limit it to a particular genre. Besides, there’s a saying that readers are the leaders of tomorrow. I do hope that’s not just an attempt to get the black man to read more.

Ok. So, just in case you might be wondering what site gave such an incredible offer, click here 

I guess that’s all for now. Till next time. Thanks for reading!

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Biochemist by formal training| Online Freelancer| oh cliché.. just an unusual Naija babe who enjoys putting her thoughts down. I also love having deep conversations (even with myself) :D. The perfect meal combo is Rice, fish, beans with plantain.

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2 thoughts on “Read this!”

  1. Reader(Rita) of life! Well said, my dear. Well said. It’s sad that most Nigerians don’t like reading. Someone said reading is a way to exercise the brain…so I say: if man no read, man brain go get pot belly.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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