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​So I’m sitting on my bed and just thinking about a lot of events that have occurred in the last one week. I’m talking like on a global scale. Only a few days back, we lost a legend who meant a lot to the world. Back here, we have lost about two great coaches of the national football team. Only yesterday, a mass shooting which is already being tagged “the worst ever in America’s history” took place, claiming the lives of about 50 people, leaving an additional 53 injured. This and many others have happened in barely a week…two weeks, give or take. And then there’s still news of our leaders who are either still in the EFCC probe net or are being hunted for over several billions embezzled and in different currencies by the way. So I sit here and just wonder, what really do people think about life on earth? It appears a number of us feel or are under the illusion that we will be here forever, which is a terrible way of thinking. If not that, why else would someone set out to accumulate illegal funds and properties and in different parts of the world? What a tragedy! Many of us call ourselves Christians but we do not live the life of one. Or we just open the bible only when the preacher asks us to do so when in church. Even the bible has told us that all is vanity or do we just skip that part and actually most parts of the bible, searching for only the parts that suits us and our way of life? 

This world is really not ours and sadly many still live under the falsehood that it is. Only two days back, my closest cousin who came visiting, engaged me in a deep and very thought-provoking conversation. We talked at length about so many topics—mostly life and God. I truly gained a lot from her and in fact, I enjoyed talking with her, so much that when it was time for her to go, I felt like I was going back to being bored (I really love having deep conversations). So as we talked about very spiritual things, and matters about life and death, she reminded me of her late brother, my cousin, who had lost his life a year ago in a road accident. It was devastating but I thank God that she and her family have overcome that bitter period. She told of how his clothes are now being worn by her much younger brother and how every other thing he owned have been parted with. Onyi, being such a very strong person, recounted what she saw at the mortuary when she and her dad went to claim her brother’s corpse. She had seen a rich man who was also a victim, lying unclothed as well as a pretty girl who by now already had her weave taken out and many others. She stood there till her brother was embalmed before her very eyes. And here I was thinking in my mind, “Wow! After death, all one has been keeping private actually gets seen by people. There’s no more hiding.”  

Life truly is meant to be lived but we should be sure that we are living it for the right reason;for none knows when that hour will come for us to say goodbye to all that we sometimes think we can keep. I can only hope that before that D-day comes, I would have fully manifested all of God’s purpose for my life and be met living life in His way and not mine. I hope you do too.

Oh! And today in the news, the NFF actually owed one of the coaches a two-month salary. So what now? You are going to pay him because he’s dead? Is that supposed to be like a way of condoling with his family? Pathetic! They really shouldn’t have let that get into press. No shame at all.

PS: In this whole blogging thing, I honestly,don’t know which is harder to do: hitting the publish tab or creating titles for my posts. 

Dont get it twisted, I never said I was a writer though :p

Have a lovely weekend!

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Biochemist by formal training| Online Freelancer| oh cliché.. just an unusual Naija babe who enjoys putting her thoughts down. I also love having deep conversations (even with myself) :D. The perfect meal combo is Rice, fish, beans with plantain.

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