Keep on keeping on

​Sometimes, we set out to do certain things but find ourselves failing to follow them through. We start but never actually finish. We don’t put in the required effort and self-discipline to see that plan to the end. We come up with excuses, sometimes, just to save ourselves from the guilt of not having to get things done as we planned to in the beginning. 

“Oh, I‘m tired right now.” 

“I’ll do it next time.” 

“This is impossible to do.” 

Does any of the above sound like you? Well, I’m not going to sound off like an expert of some sort because I know how hard it can be sometimes to be persistent with a task. In fact, I am familiar with excuses such as those mentioned. And this is not just with regards with ‘big’ projects. Even the ‘small ones’ are not left out. It can be an activity that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with maybe your boss at work. I for one made a decision to work out more and I must admit, it has not been easy sticking to the plan. Just a month back, I embarked on a weight-loss programme. Yes, I feel like this staying-at-home thing is causing me to gain weight in areas I really do not want. And after reading an article that said that as we begin to get into our 20s, we tend to gain weight that may stay on if one fails to lead an active lifestyle (not that I’m some couch potato though), it gave me the chills and motivation to really start watching what I eat.

I would call ‘getting fat’ an allergy or phobia I have…really.

  So, in response to this, I decided to google certain exercises to help with losing weight in certain parts of my body and of course, generally, because keeping fit is the ultimate goal. It always is. So I try to spend at least 30mins each day, or at least not every day as several weight loss blogs and articles and even books have suggested. They say it is not really a good idea to go about working out every other day. There’s a need to break out of it, like working out, say 3 times a week. I haven’t really been religious with it though and I think I might just be doing it wrong. I say so because I have checked my weight on several occasions since I started and I haven’t dropped even just a kg. I mean, they say it’s possible with the right exercises and proper dieting, you can shed a pound each week. I don’t plan on giving up though. I mean, at least, looking on the bright side, I am not gaining weight either. So, I’m probably simply burning off the calories I consume daily. That’s a good thing. I think. I may be wrong, you know. What if the scale doesn’t actually work right? But at least, I haven’t given up on it simply because I am yet to see my expected changes. Sometimes, like in my case, maybe all that’s needed is to change the plan and not totally abandon it. I could actually be doing it wrong or I need to put in more time.

Same thing with my plan to go natural. My edges, before now, looked so bad, like a piece of land which had been sprayed with some chemical (in this case, relaxers) which caused my hair to appear sparse. I sought for a solution because surely, I wasn’t born with alopecia. I mean, my baby pictures proved that. Going natural came up constantly in my google search. Mind you, I had used tons of hair creams that claimed to offer lasting solutions without achieving any results. I am going to be using certain terms used by naturalistas, like myself ;). So just a little info; Going natural can be achieved in either of two ways: having a big chop (which is basically letting all the hair go one time) or transitioning (which is cutting off the hair by inches until all you have left is that African curl). I started transitioning from June 2015, and by February 2016, I think I had pretty much cut off all of my permed hair. So I guess I can say I am about 4months natural, right? It has really not been easy. Every naturalista would understand how difficult it can be sometimes, especially sticking to the hair care regime of your choice. I really try to keep all of my activities on a wash hair day in check. I pre-poo, shampoo, deep condition, condition and I intend to include an ACV rinse the next time before doing the LOC method. As I type in this entry, I am on the African thread which is believed to grow the hair by a good number of inches. I intend to keep it on till the end of the month. Let’s see what happens 😀 can’t wait! #ThisHairMustGrow. And my edges, which by the way was the reason for all of these, has improved. In fact, it’s a lot better than it used to be. 

Oh yeah, the third thing on my active plan is what I have already mentioned in a previous post which is reading. Yes, reading and more reading. Not just from my collection of over 200 eBooks but everything really. This too hasn’t been so easy though. You see, I’m more of a movie lover than a book lover and sometimes…no, most times, I’d choose to see a movie instead of read a book. Maybe, just maybe if Half Of A Yellow Sun was a movie before it got turned to a book, I never would have read it. But then again, only a book can be allowed that much time spent telling a story, especially one like that. But good thing is, I wouldn’t stop reading still. It’s actually a habit now. So even if I do nothing else, I read random articles daily. 

So what am I actually trying to say in essence, if a programme or plan you have set for yourself doesn’t seem to work for you, maybe you should try and see what needs to be changed and not abandon it totally. I believe that it is in being able to follow through with those ‘small things’ that we can extend the habit into other major things in our lives.

By the way, I have finished one of the books titled Heavenwood and it was a good read.  I think I should make a review post about that one though. Probably, it would be covered in another post. I just hope I remember because this whole blog thing is actually setup for penning down my thoughts, really (and as they come to mind). So the next time I come back here, it might just be on something else. Would you remind me in case I forget? 

Have a lovely weekend!

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Biochemist by formal training| Online Freelancer| oh cliché.. just an unusual Naija babe who enjoys putting her thoughts down. I also love having deep conversations (even with myself) :D. The perfect meal combo is Rice, fish, beans with plantain.

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