Heavenwood: A book review

Heavenwood is a fictional book by Ernest K. Yungsi. In this book, the author gives his own view on life after death while presenting a phase where all souls go before judgement. He writes with a great sense of style and with a touch of wit which allows her readers to see the aftermath of life on earth as a transition phase—one which soon presents itself to be an opportunity to right all wrongs done while on earth— rather than a final destination. 

The story starts with his main character, Jack Mann, who upon his arrival at the said phase, adamantly refused acceptance of his demise. He depicts in this book, how one’s life is projected as a movie like in a movie theatre. In addition, He attempts but in a convincing manner to give reasons to some discrepancies often seen in the world. One of which is about the emergence of gays, which He attributes to the curse which the evil one places on a newly born just as the Almighty God blesses the said child. From his viewpoint, this happens due to parents’ failure to pray for their babies. 

The book also sends across good messages, but with particular stress on the act of forgiveness. Although Jack was repulsive to showing forgiveness, especially to his murderer; in the end, he was able to bring himself to demonstrating this act of great virtue, thereby giving himself inner peace.

It was a good read and I truly enjoyed every page. You can download the book for free here.

There, you have it; the review I promised to write. I hope I tried. No more promises henceforth!

Till next time, stay true to yourself!

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