Lesson 101: On Emails


Today, I thought of what to write and couldn’t really come up with anything worth sharing. Well…errr…

Just thinking about emails at the moment. Let me ask this: do you know that you should have more than one email? I mean, like for several purposes. I do actually. 

I have three emails which I have assigned according to importance. For me, one is the serious mail box which is used for official/important things e.g. the mail I use on my CV. 

The second one is for what I’d call semi-formal stuffs like subscribing to certain useful newsletters such as those which give tips on areas of my interest like health and other general life development guides. 

The third is used for subscribing to way less important stuffs and frankly, sites that look suspicious. You know, like those phishers and scammers that would tell you to subscribe and get an instant access to something which most times turns out to be false. They are only out to get your email and password.

I think everyone should have different mails for different uses though. Mind you, it’s also important to change your password at least every three months. The kind of phishers we have these days, I mean with the advancement in tech, you shouldn’t be surprised at what they can do. And it’s not just celebrities who are their victims. It could be anyone. This also applies to your social media accounts. In fact, everything that has to do with the internet.

I remember a friend telling me how his IG account got hacked. He had logged in only to find that all his pictures had been deleted and replaced by pictures of a girl he didn’t know. He was shocked at that, because according to him, he wasn’t a celebrity and didn’t even have that much followers. Therefore, it wasn’t supposed to happen to him. 

“It’s just an IG account,” some would say. Probably those who use these accounts for more important things like promoting their businesses wouldnt think of their account that way. There are cases where it wouldn’t be that easy to get the account back. 

Don’t say you weren’t told. I hope you learnt a thing or two from this post. 

Published by: Freshay

Biochemist by formal training| Online Freelancer| oh cliché.. just an unusual Naija babe who enjoys putting her thoughts down. I also love having deep conversations (even with myself) :D. The perfect meal combo is Rice, fish, beans with plantain.

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