I have neglected this place

I just thought about the excitement I had the day I started this blog. Or rather, the day I decided to start one. Physically.

There is a need for emphasis because I had started one long ago–in my head. 

I feel bad about not keeping to my personal promise of one post per week. 

And If as a reader, you ever feel like you wasted your time on my blog, please bear with me. I’m not a writer. I hope my tagline is enough excuse even. *winks

I’m actually here for me. 

The truth is that I have been writing but not posting. And that’s actually because I’m starting to feel like what I write isn’t good enough for another eye to see. Most likely, too personal to post here. I think.

Oh well! I intend to keep my promise because I understand it’s a part of self-development. I need to deal with starting stuff and not finishing. Or more relatable in this case, sticking to it.

Just because;

As we make and keep commitments, even small commitments; we begin to establish an inner integrity that gives us the awareness of self-control and the courage and strength to accept more of the responsibility of our own lives.

  So, I guess this post is talking about sticking to whatever it is you start, however how insignificant it may seem or be. Good things only, by the way. LOL!

Have a great weekend!

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