On learning…again

​There’s so much I have come to understand about life that each day never fails to teach me something new. And I know it is an un-ending process; one I’m happy to undertake.

 As a persona with an incline to being self-taught in almost anything I show interest in, I have been able to garner a vast reserve of knowledge; many of which I sometimes remember and meditate upon in my personal time. 

You see, for me, learning isn’t just secluded to reading a pile of books, not that books aren’t good in the sense of it, but it’s more than that. 

Lately, my ‘knowledge providers’ have come to be totally different from what it used to be 2…5yrs ago. Thanks to the internet, I can feel connected to people hundreds of miles away. 

Social media tops my list because just by following up with intellectuals on Twitter, I have been able to learn a lot from new words to daily happenings on a global scale. And this most often come with more than just a cliché report but with an in-depth analysis of the subject matter of interest. 

Again, subscribing to newsletters and email sign ups on other people’s blogs which I find informative have also had their share of contributions to my self-development; many of whom never fail in sending in a recently published article of theirs or growth hack tips and even videos amongst others. In fact, the idea to start a blog was partly, but in a huge way, influenced by the numerous blogs which I have come across; many of whom possess a great writing prowess which I admire. 

I think I can be like them too. Ok, maybe not like them but I’m willing to try.

More so, another very great source is an app called Medium. Medium is actually a more refined way of writing and self-publishing. It’s like WordPress but with an extra icing and cherry on top. With its very easy access, just about anyone; be it an aspiring writer or a well published author, is welcome to publish. It has no barriers and even allows for use of tags in order to give your article a wider audience making it a highly interactive platform. 

You really should look that one up.

Furthermore, having conversations with people, old or new (the new are highly welcome, by the way) is also a way I have found to be an avenue to learn things I didn’t already know. And you know what? The best part about having these chats, for me, is that it’s actually a way of sharing what I know which I think is a great way of retaining the knowledge.

The last but not the least way of learning (in my opinion) is through movies. 

Yeah! I am a movie lover. There are a number of movies which I have seen in my days and by the time the cast list came up, I had learnt a thing or two. If you don’t feel like movies teach something too, then you better check what kinds of movies you see. :p 

Sometimes when the subject of learning is often brought up, I just can’t help but be marveled at the well of knowledge available to people on the internet. And to think many choose to use the internet in the most unproductive ways irks me.

I mean, there are so many apps which one could simply download to learn a thing or two, depending on what interests you. I for one, just started out (for the second time) learning a foreign language on one of such apps. It hurt me to recently learn that one of such apps, dedicated to offering courses on a wide variety of subject areas, is no longer free. I was like: Whoa! Now, I don’t have only my data to worry about but physical money too? 

Don’t get me wrong. I know nothing good comes easy… and I should state now that I believe that whatever made the owners take that decision must be born out of good intentions. The good news, however, is that there are tons of other apps which still offer courses for free. So no worries.

One area I still hope to fully grasp is how to actually earn from the internet. I mean, I’m like: I actually spend a good part of my twenty-four hours on it so why not earn while I’m at it. Although I have earned from it, to an extent, through a number of freelance platforms, there’s actually more ways to it. This I know.

A lot of these habits of mine have actually been taken up maybe, just maybe because I am an unemployed graduate who’s looking for productive ways to pass time. Or Whatever it is, I only hope that it’s already a life-long habit so that I do not ever stop learning. 

I’m sure I would find new ways, if it should get to that. 

From the ‘lappy’ archives

Dated:20th July, 2016.

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