About the tedxLagos Ideas Search 2017

Prologue: The year has started out quite in a fun way for me. only barely two months into the year and I have began to explore one of my several altruistic interests.

Unlike the slayfestival, the firm decision to be at the tedxlagos ideas search 2017 was arrived at right after the previous event. And of course, I was there as a volunteer. A week to the event, I received an email directed to all volunteers, with each of us assigned to a specific work section for the event. I had been assigned to the venue section and so I was expected to be at the event venue, Muson Centre, Onikan on Friday at 8am. I couldn’t be there so I sent messages to let the organizers know.

I missed being a part of the team that put this amazing stage together.

Saturday morning came and after meeting up with two other volunteers, by 6:35am or so, we were well on our way to the venue location. We arrived by 7:16am and proceeded to receive our shirts and tags.


Mirror selfie time

Next thing on the list was selfies.


Smart volunteers 😉


I was advised to never post this pic…anywhere. LOL!

Soon, we were debriefed by one of the head organizers of the event and I was re-assigned to work at the VIP registration area which meant locating the tags of the guests as they arrived and handing it to them.

Busy hands.

Come to think of it, there were several tags whose owners I looked forward to meeting but they didn’t show up. *sad face*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Soon, we began to hand out tags.

Guests…Speakers…Journalists came through.

Before we knew it, the hall was full with people from all works of life.

It’s about to go down!

After some time spent handing out a couple of tags, I and another volunteer proceeded to grab breakfast.


This very enticing dish by @cafejadelagos. FOTO CREDIT: @Rotimi Okungbaye.

Just after one bite, I knew I had to go back for more (yes, blame it on the VERY edible catering). We resumed duty back at the registration stand. As time passed on, we realized the guests were appearing to not show up anymore, so we quietly ‘fled’ our duty post and went into the venue hall and took our seats. We were right on time.

TED Founder, Chris Anderson was with us. His first time in Lagos!

The first speaker was a young lady who had degrees in Engineering, Economics and Education and to cap it all, she was a Harvard Alumnus who was now a full-time visual artist. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I truly admired her and was low-key happy to just see her talk about what she did with so much joy.

Source: @tedlagos via Instagram

THERE were too many speakers who shared so much that only by watching the video recording would you be able to get all that the event had to offer. In the meantime, find below some speakers and a quote from their talk.


All Photos above by @tedlagos. For the video of the entire event, follow @tedlagos2017 on Twitter/Instagram. I hear it would be dropped on that page pretty soon.

It was a wonderful experience…yet again, volunteering. I think a major highlight of being a volunteer at this event, for me, was at the end of the event, when all volunteers were invited for ‘a-2-sec fame’. LOL! That’s literally what I heard some of the organizer’s say. And in fact, it was! We stood there and in unison, took a bow with the audience applauding us. I truly felt like I had done something great for humanity in that moment.

In that brief moment, I hoped to speak on the platform someday.

We were even invited for the after-party at Westwood Hotel, Ikoyi.


.Real BIG thanks to the TEDxLagos Ideas Search 2017 team for the opportunity. See you next time!



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