The F.R.E.E Conference

This career-shift event was organized by Jimi Tewe, a Career and HR consultant and I got to know about it through a friend after she tagged me on an IG post. I proceeded to register and didn’t really think much of it. The only information I had about locating the venue was that it was somewhere in Ikeja and frankly, it wasn’t difficult to locate at the end of the day.

I arrived a couple of minutes after 10am, which was the slated time of the event, quickly registered and proceeded to grab a seat before a friend whom I had mentioned the event to, a couple of days back, came over to where I was and offered me a sit. Apparently she had saved a spot for me.

Amy wayne and I. DISCLAIMER:this picture is not awa real face. Please. lol.

At the time I arrived, one of the speakers, Omilola Oshikoya, was already speaking to the audience via a pre-recorded video. She took us through her days of being a full-time employer to now being FREE. It was an amazing journey, one which could only have happened because of the direction of God in her life.

Next speaker was the smartmoney woman, Arese Ugwu, whose story helped me understand that “when you step into your purpose, you will attract your helper.” I remember her saying that at 16 she had started interning in the corporate sector.

The SmartMoneyChic, Arese Ugwu, sharing life tips.

Plus she got me like: What was I doing at 16?

The next speaker, Mr Ubong King, had so much to say that even the fastest fingers wouldn’t be able to put down. Ok, maybe it’s just me. Thank God the organizer also made audio CDs of the event available. His story was inspiring and left me with the happily-ever-after effect.

Mr Ubong King aka The Troublemaker

Some of his words in quote;

The problem is not location but your imagination.

Whenever you see ‘somebody’ ask for the story behind their success.

Until passion hits you, you are going nowhere.

Anyone who gives you free food is stopping you from thinking for yourself.

If you are waiting for salary, you are suffering from vulture disease.

If you want to be rich, multiply your sources of income.

Pain is the down payment of gain.

Bend yourself in resources, else there will be no sources for you.

Whatever you eat, and continually eat, will eat you up eventually.

Passion without motivation will lead to frustration.

If you want to be something in this life, copy until you become.

The only way to get out of trouble is to enter one.

I’m pretty sure if he was given more time, other speakers may not have had a chance to speak. That’s how packed and ready he was for the conference.

Next was a panel which consisted of three great achievers, all doing great things in their various industries.

Meet the first panelists: Foluso Gbadamosi, Ife Tokan & Tolagbe Martins (L-R)

To sum it all up, I’ll be sharing some of their words in quotes;

Good relationships is essential as it helps you with setting up beneficial structures- Foluso Gbadamosi.

Play to your strengths. Make use of the free stuff and build yourself in the ‘waiting’period. Package yourself!- Tolagbe Martins.

Endure with common sense.

Integrity is very simple yet priceless.

Invest in your integrity because it is very important while you are enduring.

You don’t need money to do anything. Its all about relationships.

– Ife Tokan

Net on stage was the second panel.

Olawale Ayilara, Stephanie Obi, Kunle Idowu (popularly known as Frank Donga) & Gladys Ajiri-Okoro (L-R)

Again, words in quote;

Fall in love with failure first. Mistakes will increase your experience at the end of the day. Make as many now, not when you are much older and cannot afford a mistake.- Olawale Ayilara.

If your feeling comes from a place of love, you will excel at whatever it is you have decided to do.

Take in as much information that tickles your fancy.

Leverage is key! #DontCreateAMonsterYouCannotFeed- Kunle Idowu

Appreciate the success of others.

Going to school only provides an avenue to be better at what you do. There’s something already within.

What you do today, you reap tomorrow- Gladys-Ajiri Okoro.

At the final segment of the conference, the organizer took us through a deep session where he spoke about purpose, more like an introduction to his book but the profound thing about his session was when he talked about the levels of awareness- a visual representation of the stages involved in purpose discovery and I absolutely loved it because I immediately identified with the stage I am in that instant.


Mr Olujimi Tewe dropping bomb messages.

See below the LEVELS OF AWARENESS which I’ll try to explain below;












From the flow chart, on the onset of self-discovery, one is ignorant of who he/she really is and from being exposed to certain areas (I’d say when one begins to see or experience things outside from the ‘comfort zone’) confusion sets in. Now, to move to the next level, courage must be exhibited from which he/she will now become very receptive to exploring things they never thought they would try out. By now, he/she is getting acclimated to the out-of-the-norm stuff and may probably have chosen an area of deep interest. What does he/she do at this point? PRACTICE! He/she puts into practice all the knowledge they may have garnered relating to that identified area of interest in order to move further up the ladder. Hence, stability. In order to then attain confidence in that subject area, he/she needs to do further study so as to advance and become the best in the field. When this has been achieved, he/she is well on their way to aligning with their purpose and then becoming a DON i.e he/she achieves dominance in the subject area.

I’m guessing there’s a thorough explanation of this flow chart by the author in the book. So this is just my understanding of the levels of awareness.

Below are some of what he also shared;

Your purpose is served in ETERNITY while your career is lived in REALITY.

The thing about purpose is that it can only be revealed.

Discovery is the result of exploration.

Show your interests with your actions.

If you count out GOD, you have discounted your future.

Just when I thought I had been blown away by the powerful messages, then came the final speaker, the iconic Fela Durotoye, whose session ‘took me to church’

Mr Fela-Duroteye doing what he does best- enlightening us.

while sharing his wisdom through acronyms lettered A-I which goes thus;

  • A-Awareness
  • B-Belief
  • C-Conviction
  • D-Decide
  • E-Execute
  • F-Follow-through
  • G-Grow
  • H-Help
  • I-Inspire

His other words in quote;

The gap between been inspired and inspiring others depends on following God’s instructions.

No better thing can happen to a man than for him to be working on what he’s living for.

Ambition is vision bordered by self. (Not good)

Love is a genuine desire and consummate pursuit of the very best well-being of another. You can rule without love but cannot lead without love.

By the time he was through with his session, we had all held hands and prayed together and it really felt like a church service. Attending this conference was a blessing to me because I not only got to meet great minds but also got gifted with THE PURPOSE BOOK, a recent publication by Jimi Tewe.

My devotional for the month of March. So much wisdom shared.

This was possible after the last speaker requested that anyone who wanted to purchase the book and give it out to people present should step out. This was after he had asked for people who really wanted a copy but couldn’t afford it to come on stage. The sponsor list was so much that I think 80% of the total population at the event got a copy to take home.

I am currently reading my own copy, one chapter per day, as each day I find a lot to take in. My hope is that I will go on to live the life God has called me to as I read this book and meditate on HIS WORD.

This post doesn’t even cover enough of what the event had to offer. So I strongly recommend that you get a copy of the audio CD through Eniola on 08055194404. You should also try to get a copy of the book too.

That’s all for now. Till next time, remain an “expression of God’s creation!”



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