My daring experience at The LCC

A lot of holidays, like the Easter break, is a time many get to hang out with family and friends, and for some others, it’s a time to really sit back at home and relax, easing up the stress from work.

Now for me, as usual, I never actually set out to go out and what-not, although I and a couple of friends had already talked about hanging out this year weeks before, I hadn’t really made up my mind.

So the Easter Monday started out with me chatting them up in the WhatsApp group specifically created for this purpose (yes, I guess it was necessary. LOL.), asking to know if the outing was still on. We had initially made suggestions of places to go which included the annual GidiFest, Wakaa theatrical show and the Lekki conservation centre. And after much deliberation, we eventually opted for the last option.

I didn’t have a particular preference as all three were entirely new to me as opposed to my usual ‘going to the cinemas’ hangout option. So I welcomed any idea that was settled for. Our meeting spot was at the residence of the ‘chief initiator’ of the outing. I arrived first and shortly after, another friend arrived. So it was just us three.

Our ‘chief initiator’ wasn’t ready…yet and it was only after we had arrived that she called for an UBER. At this point, it was about 1pm and I thought to myself “hope we won’t end up going to see power rangers like this.” Because at this point, I was beginning to think she was trying to sabotage the planned outing as she kept talking about power rangers all the while.

Thankfully, soon enough, the UBER guy arrived and we were well on our way to the Lekki conservation centre.

Feeling Pretty excited. Not sure whether it was for the outing or cos it was my 1st UBER ride.

There was no traffic and in time, we arrived at the centre. We proceeded to pay a total sum of N2,500 as entrance fee and for the canopy walk.

From here, we were asked to wait in a room with other people waiting to take a tour on the canopy walk.

Shortly after, we commenced on the walk and after covering quite a distance, with monkeys staring at us and running up the trees and lots of selfies being taken, I was beginning to think this was all it was to the canopy walk.

I be like: Hmm…so this is why I paid 2k5 ni
Issa forest adeventure.

Mind you, I had heard people say LCC before now but didn’t quite know what to think of the place.

Soon enough, the actual walk started—the canopy walk which happens to be the longest in Africa. We were instructed to climb the canopy, only 6 people at a time.


The first walkway gave me the first doze of adrenaline as I kept looking down to see how high we were. I remember swallowing really hard at the sight of the distance between me and the bare ground. I was in the sky and there was no going back.

As I climbed, I wrestled with my inner guts which kept throwing questions at me and the fear I could feel so closely, severally tried to render me immobile. I had to keep pushing forward because I obnoxiously kept telling myself that I only needed to get to the end of this hurdle and it would be all over.

Well, I did get to the end and alas, I realized there were about 6 more of the walkway to climb which ascended even higher as you go on.

All three of us were pretty shaken up and even more when we noticed that the other trio didn’t follow us as expected.

Her facial expression says it all.

We couldn’t go on and so we just stayed there, waiting for someone to join us. We soon began to consider going back down the same way we came when another lady, who introduced herself as Titi, said it wasn’t possible and that the only way was up.

It was in this moment that I looked up and saw a caution sign that had the expected height possible while on the canopy walk, boldly written and remembered that upon starting this daring adventure, the tour guy had specifically stopped us to read the caution board mounted at the entrance of the canopy walk, then I realized what I had done to myself.

Funny thing is, I did read but hastily because I was so much in a hurry to get up on it already!

The sign that didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Good thing, with Titi here now, we were able to continue the walk, like we had any other choice but this time we had an ‘expert’ leading us.

Apparently, Titi had been here several times in the past.

And so on each ‘hurdle’, we breathed deeply and just totally cut off eye contact with what was lying beneath us—a distance so great.

There was even a point where after Titi had gotten off, and it was just us three, she began to ask us to be careful as we approached the end, as a portion of the construction seemed weak and was really shaky. So she said or maybe she was just saying that to pull our legs. Lol. A strong wind blew and we really started to panic. We just froze and held on to the ropes until it was calm again.

I kept my cool all the while even though I was deeply terrified by this experience. I actually kept saying this in my head: “Just keep walking, you’ll be fine.”

Afterwards, we tried out a restaurant that serves seafood kinda meals.

Mussels…first time. Looked nasty but tasted great!

Now, LCC has been on my lips. If you haven’t been there, you gotta go try the Canopy Walk. Get your adrenaline pumping!

It was a very daring experience for me, probably the most daring thing I’ve ever done…yet. Just as I told the tour interviewer, I don’t see myself doing this again. But who knows, I just might become a ‘Titi’ to someone another day.

In the end…

I came, I saw and I conquered! First pic taken comfortably…of course at the end of the walkway.




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